Everyone – from a small child with cerebral palsy to a master musician - has the potential to change and improve. Feldenkrais lessons challenge students to notice old habits and explore new ways of moving and perceiving themselves. Unlike many Western methods of education, the Feldenkrais Method does not judge students against a pre-conceived ideal or teach them “right” and “wrong” ways of moving. Instead, it gives them a greater awareness of who they are and more options for who they can be. Unlike many types of bodywork, a Feldenkrais lesson is not a passive experience for the student. The practitioner acts as a facilitator, creating an environment in which the student actively learns. Learning takes place at both intellectual and sensory levels, much as it does for an athlete or musician.

"Learn to move with ease and grace - it is more important than you think."
-Moshe Feldenkrais

The Feldenkrais Method

In a Functional Integration lesson, the teacher guides an individual student through movements similar to those in Awareness Through Movement lessons, using gentle touch. A Functional Integration lesson is essentially a conversation between the practitioner and the student, in which the practitioner explores the student’s present ways of moving and demonstrates new possibilities. Unlike Awareness Through Movement lessons, which usually follow a formal sequence of movements, Functional Integration is more fluid and tailored to the individual.

In an Awareness Through Movement lesson, the teacher verbally guides students through a series of movements while lying, sitting, or standing. An average Awareness Through Movement lesson lasts about forty-five minutes. Moshe Feldenkrais developed hundreds of these lessons, and they vary greatly. Some isolate a particular type of movement such as twisting or folding forward, and explore it in depth through a series of variations. Some use visualization or attention to breathing. All lessons do what their name describes – use movement to increase self-awareness.

Feldenkrais lessons



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"Stacey Pelinka is an incredible flutist and she brings her artistry, curiosity, and kindness to Feldenkrais in ways that help instrumentalists and singers achieve ease and centeredness in their own learning and performance."

-Jerome Simas, Bass Clarinet, San Francisco Symphony

"exquisite focus and precision."

-Georgia Rowe, SF Classical Voice

"A performance Grounded in respect, not showmanship."

-Eric valliere, andante.com

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