Flute Lessons with a Somatic Focus
Teaching Policies
Learning and Practicing
Learning an instrument requires experience playing that instrument, ideally with ease and curiosity.  It’s important to cultivate a certain kind of attention in your practice to awaken your natural curiosity and ability to learn.  Shorter, more frequent practice sessions with breaks are more effective than long marathons on autopilot.
To Parents
As a teacher, I see your child once a week, but you have some influence over the environment in which they practice and gain the majority of this experience. I appreciate anything you can do to help this learning occur in as enjoyable an environment as possible. Asking your child about the music they are practicing, how they are learning that music, and how the instrument works is a great way to stimulate curiosity.  Otherwise I don’t recommend supervision of practice sessions--independence is also important for learning. I will give your child guidelines for scheduling practice, but as a start I recommend at least ½ hour of practice at least three times a week. Consecutive days are best, and more practice means quicker absorption.  Listening to music, especially live performance, is important in conjunction with learning an instrument.  If you need suggestions of music to listen to or concerts to attend, please ask me for more information.
Equipment and Music
It is important for students to bring an instrument in good condition and the music they are currently practicing to each lesson, as well as a notebook in which I will write practice guidelines for the week. In case of instrument malfunction, Lori Lee is an excellent technician.
Schedules and Cancellation
I have a 24 hour cancellation policy: without 24 hours of notice, you will be charged for any lesson you (or your child) do not attend. I work as a performer as well as a teacher, so my schedule can sometimes be irregular. I will give you notice about upcoming conflicts, and attempt to schedule makeups for lessons I miss, but it may not always be possible.  I appreciate your flexibility.
I prefer payment per lesson.  If you would like to make alternative arrangements, please let me know. Cash or check is acceptable.
$45/half hour
$60/45 minutes
My teaching is informed by my years of experience as a performer, and by my study of the Feldenkrais Method®, which offers a new approach to learning and a way to play with ease and intention.  I accept students of all ages and levels who are engaged and enthusiastic, and who are studying the flute because they love music.
Stacey Pelinka