The Feldenkrais Method works through movement, but not in a mechanistic way.  Instead, movement is viewed as the gateway to the nervous system, to our behavior and interaction with the world.  Through developing more awareness, Feldenkrais lessons help you remove obstacles that obscure or prevent you from living life the way you want to.  Discover your true potential!  more
What do you want to do?
The Feldenkrais Method can help
you do these things better!
Stacey Pelinka, GCFP   |   The Feldenkrais Method®
= the art of curiosity
“Exactly what I wanted.”  “Stacey is a wonderful Feldenkrais instructor! She leads classes in a relaxed and clear manner and encourages feedback and discussion about the lessons and effects they bring about. She is interested in helping each person get the most out of the experience as is possible.”  
--Laura Reynolds, professional oboist
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Stacey is currently teaching Functional Integration lessons in Berkeley.  She is also a professional flutist and teaches flute performance.
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